Are you a content owner desperately trying to find buyers?

Are you a buyer looking for more variety in available content?

Much ado is made about conferences that promise to bring buyers and sellers together, and often require pricey travel on the hopes that buyers will meet more sellers, and vice-versa.

Roll the dice no more. The Association of Media Content Users and Providers includes both buyers and sellers among its members, so there’s no need for special events designed to bring people together. Every AMCUP event is, in and of itself, an ideal opportunity to meet the buying or selling partner you’ve been looking for.


To create a bridge between content users and providers

To scour the periphery of the industry for those who are both creating or archiving content, as well as those producers that are seeking such content, and to create a bridge for them to conduct business without the restrictions of pricey subscription fees or membership requirements. This opens the gates of membership and unites everyone associated in any way, shape or form with this content – whether they are using it or providing it.

To embrace the digital world in how content is archived, stored, edited, delivered and transmitted

While we recognize the technological advances instituted by newer, larger businesses that reduce content delivery time, we equally embrace those more unique content owners not being represented by larger companies, resulting in more commerce for these challenged niche sources, and offer more variety of licensable material for producers.

To celebrate newly-created and newly-discovered content.

We offer a platform to showcase these discoveries, and to embrace the diligent researchers working behind-the-scenes, as well as producers who fund these content-finding adventures and find a stage for them.

To keep apprised of the latest trends, and to anticipate the future realities for both analog and digital material.

To stay ahead of the ever-changing systems and delivery platforms, and to offer opportunities through seminars and workshops to sharpen our skill sets about everything from researching techniques, clearing materials, legal concerns, digital formats, to better ways to transmit and archive material, as well general vocational guidance.

Lastly, we aspire to increase commerce in our challenged, but vital industry. 

We do this by creating a fair and balanced meeting ground where buyers and sellers, creators and collectors (Users and Providers, as we call ourselves) can find each other freely so that creative works of all kind will not continue to remain, and to deteriorate, in film cans, scrapbooks or tape stock – so they can be discovered, repurposed and “reappreciated” by audiences desperately seeking new and unique content.